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Laura Harrison


Big picture thinker and business leader, with a background in strategy, business transformation and organisation development and change in large corporates, consulting and the non-profit sector. During her career, Laura has worked for organisations that include PwC, EY, Aviva and CIPD.

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Samantha Whittaker


Commercial business leader with a background of operating at international leadership level in publishing, knowledge and education sectors. Sam’s expertise lies in marrying an organisation's culture with its vision and strategic intent and in framing strategic choices in disrupted business environments. Sam has worked or consulted for CIPD, OECD, Springer Nature, McGraw-Hill Companies, Thomson, John Wiley & Sons.

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What Inspires Us?


Democratic Enterprise

In outlining the motivations for undertaking the research and writing the book, the author begins with the statement, ‘For me the acid test is whether you would want your child to work for the company for which you are a member, or indeed for the company you currently lead.’


Doughnut Economics

As part of this year’s summer reading, I picked up a copy of Kate Raworth’s bestselling Doughnut Economics. Part of its allure, along with its reference to a large, sticky cake, was that it was an economics book written by a woman.