The Human Change Agency helps organisations grow, transform and thrive by ensuring that’s true for their people too. We work with clients to make a positive difference to organisations and the people who work for them.

We know businesses can’t stop changing.

And we know that constant change can wear out and disengage your people. The human cost becomes a business cost.And a moral cost.

And we know that in your business there will be skills and talents that aren’t being used.

It doesn’t matter if your change is being driven by technology, a restructure, or growth – what will make it succeed or fail is the human factor.

We believe – and evidence shows – that done right, change can:

  • Help your people become stronger, contribute better to your business and be more confident and employable in the future
  • Be a way to develop new ways of working and culture
  • Be a means to spot talent, develop new teams and foster innovation

We know change is hard.

Change programmes fail when the people affected by the change feel they aren’t being heard. We know where to look and the questions to ask and how to bring this voice to the heart of your business.

Change programmes fail when there’s nothing in it for the team. We construct programmes that are engaging, fun and developmental.

Change programmes fail when presented as rational business plans. We use our storytelling skills to create emotional connections.

Change programmes fail when you try and plan too far ahead. We break visions and objectives down into manageable chunks that build a sense of achievement, pride and confidence.

Change programmes fail when the processes and approaches are a muddle. By the end of your work with us, you will have a clear method for change that will have become a normal way of working within your organisation.

We will never make the business case for diversity and inclusion. We will ensure that different voices, perspectives and backgrounds inform all our work, because we believe that’s the right thing to do.

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