From long term projects to team development workshops and taster sessions we are focused on purpose driven organisations who have a passion for creating more human workplaces.

Going for growth

have you successfully built a business and want to scale to the next level? Do you need everyone pulling in the same direction and sharing your vision? We understand the pain points and have solutions that will help you take your organisation to the next level and halt that feeling that ‘the car’s in gear, my foot is on the accelerator, why aren’t we speeding along like we used to?’

Developing change-able organisations

we know that businesses can’t stop changing and that change is hard. We work with you and your people to ensure that adaptability is at the heart of project, team or organisation design. We don’t do change management. We help organisations build the ability to change into their core and, as a result, deliver high-performing teams and organisations.

Building inclusive workplaces

you care passionately about becoming more diverse and realise that you need to become more inclusive, but you also acknowledge that it’s hard. After all, most organisations are built through processes that are designed to be exclusive (recruitment, promotions, hierarchies, ‘need to know’ and confidentiality). We can help with very practical steps, supporting organisations to think differently – and more inclusively - about everything, from team meetings, project design and even core processes like budgeting.

Creativity and innovation

teams, departments and functions, whilst creating order, can lead to siloed behaviour and a lack of joined-up thinking, thwarting creativity and innovation. In our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world you know that your biggest challenges and most innovative solutions are developed when people collaborate – when a diversity of perspectives, experiences and expertise collide. Through our ‘human thinking’ methodology, we can help support the development of more collaborative cultures and further enhance creativity and innovation within your organisation.

Employee engagement

low employee engagement impacts productivity and the ‘bottom line’. People perform at their best and are most productive when they are fully engaged and when they feel fulfilled and find meaning in their experience of work. Through our ‘human thinking’ approach and methods, we help organisations engender an employee experience of trust and belonging.

Ethics and safe spaces

the absence of ‘safe space’ presents a risk to individual wellbeing, to the development of healthy and productive workplace cultures and, ultimately, creates significant reputational risk for the organisation. In ‘standing outside the organisation’, we are able to audit workplace practices and employee perspectives on safeguarding, wellbeing and workplace behaviour and support organisations in delivering a duty of care to their people.