Between us, we have worked as senior leaders in business, the knowledge sectors and education. Drawing on our background in strategy, transformation, organisation development and thought leadership, we offer methods that you may not have seen before. We know how to use the conventional consulting tools of course, but we may also surprise you with examples from art, literature, poetry and film, to make sure that we really do all work with the business brain and the human heart.

Our Principles


We give practical, clear advice based on our expertise and what we’ve heard and observed in your organisation. We don’t sit on the fence and we’re not afraid to take a view about complex or challenging situations.


We’ve worked in different sectors because we like learning new things. We’re as happy to learn from Jane Austen as Steve Jobs or Giacometti.


We work on projects that make a positive difference to organisations and the people who work in them. We won’t do work we don’t believe in.


We are clear thinking, straight-talking champions of the human perspective at work.

We’ve a method for developing strategy and delivering change. But most importantly, we operate from a set of principles about how change happens best: when it’s inclusive, developmental and broken down into small, achievable goals.

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