Thick black lines

I was in a meeting recently where I heard ‘the thing about inclusion is it’s inefficient…’ Hard to know how to react to a statement that in some ways feels so wrong (is efficiency our ultimate goal?) and yet, in some ways, is probably right. My wonderful business partner and fellow human change agent Sam […]


Three steps to being more inclusive: be quiet, get out of the way and read.think.repeat

The ‘diversity and inclusion’ industry has been around for more than 20 years, but the dial isn’t really shifting.  We’re more than 50 years from the equality acts, so why does it feel like we’ve hardly moved? Organisations want to become more diverse, consumer brands want to reflect diversity better and membership organisations – from […]


How to make better decisions

At its simplest, Brexit is about implementing the answer to a question.  We were asked, ‘what would be better, x or y?’ we chose x and, in doing so, delegated our authority to the government to make x happen. From watching the sitcom/horror fest that is our parliament dissolving into something beyond nonsense (I feel […]