consulting and advising from the human perspective

The Human Change Agency helps organisations transform through people shaped solutions.

What’s Unique About Us


Our breadth – we’re boutique, but not niche. Our backgrounds mean we are not limited in our perspectives. We’re commercial and business focused but have, collectively, a huge range of experiences: in ‘big consultancy,’ commercial business leadership, organisation development and research/academia.


We invest – we think the world of work is too full of jargon, misconception and flawed ‘best practice.’ We invest in research and the development of our thinking. Our first piece of work, ‘Empathy, the neglected superpower’ will be published in Spring 2019.


We’re human – we talk human, act human and understand humans. We don’t invent processes that work against human psychology; our methods and approaches are firmly based on evidence from the behavioural sciences.


And finally, we’ve been there. We’ve bought consulting services, we’ve worked as leaders in businesses and organisations that have had to go through significant change, we’ve practised what we preach and care passionately about what we do.